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life is good.

so thus far my day has been nice. i got a wake up call from jeremy this morning... it made me smile. that put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. then i went to school and it was boring. im finally catching up on all my work though. so thats good. missing those days last week really threw everything off. but i finally got to talk to amber... havent actually had a conversation with her in a while. so that was nice. french was ok. she gave me all my makeup work. its not as much as i expected...
talked to jeremy for a few minutes on my way home. god, i miss him. but thankfully hell be home in 2 days. so all is well. im waiting for him to get off work and pick up his check and then call me.
but yeah, so im in a better mood today than i have been lately. im actually about to go organize my room. how fun...
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