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jeremys house is always so COLD!

so once again, here i am. sitting at jeremys while hes at work. my dad was supposed to be here early today but he didnt get here until 11 something.. ha, yeah thats really early. aunt cheryl wants me to go home tonight, but i dont think that i want to. hmm... i dont know. i want to spend one last night with jeremy before i have to go back to school. but i guess well see later on. god, i hope that me and amber get the same lunch. i miss her. and school is going to be the only time that we get to see each other. it sucks, shes living the life i always wished i would be. but i need to quit wishing for things that ill never have and grateful for what i do have. i guess everything happened to teach me a lesson. i never took things for granted but i also never had to work for anything. and now if i want something im going to have to work my hardest to get it. it just sucks that things have turned out this way. but its ok, ill live. i really do have to focus more on school. its a must. i still have to finish my correspondance and then i need to figure out where im going to get another 1/2 credit from. im sure itll come from drivers ed when i finally do finish taking it. i dont know... but for now, im going to stretch (maybe) and then go clean jeremys room... because im the best girlfriend ever. lol.
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